Arizona MMA Prospect Anthony Birchak On Upcoming Bouts And Chasing His Goals

Written by Hurtsbad MMA Analyst Luis Romero


Hurtsbad MMA had the opportunity to talk to RITC champion and up and coming Arizona bantamweight Anthony Birchak. Birchak is getting ready to return to the cage for the first time since September 14 when he fought in Brazil. We were able to talk about his upcoming fight, training, and weigh- in regulation, 2012 doomsday, and future goals in the fight game.


As we caught up with Anthony after a training session at Apex MMA he gave us word on his upcoming fights as Anthony will fight in Vermont against 3-0 John Green, then on June 2 he will fight at the Coalition of Combat in Phoenix against a very tough fighter in Roman “El Gallito” Salazar.


Anthony was schedule to fight for Bamma USA against WEC Veteran Chad George. This was a fight Anthony said would have gotten him closer to a UFC contract but medicals for the state of California put a wrench into the gears of that fight and Birchak instead celebrated his training partner’s wedding instead.


Through connections made by his new training partner Chris Cariaso got him and Michael Parker fights in Vermont Anthony sees this fight as a comeback fight after losing in Brazil to George Clay. He told us he is taking John Green serious and is planning on ending the fight early to make a statement.


Come June, Anthony will go up against a familiar fighter in Roman Salazar who Birchak has wrestled with before. He spoke highly of Roman who he respects as he is a fighter that carries himself in a good manner in and out of the cage. There were many fights available from WFFMMA but Birchak and Salazar decided to throw down on June 2 for Coalition of Combat.


Anthony also touched based on his training for his upcoming fights. Anthony had the opportunity to train with Bellator BW champion Zach Makovsky which was invaluable for all the fighters at Apex MMA. The introduction of UFC fighter Chris Cariaso to Apex MMA has helped Birchak improve in all aspects of the sport especially in the stand-up department with the help of Bellator vet Ed West and UFC vet George Roop.


A topic Birchak and Hurtsbad discussed was the problem with fighters not coming in at weight for fights and taking advantage of the lack of enforcement for weight limits. Anthony discussed his experience with fighting fighters who just seems that they do not even try to make weight.


Anthony said weight cutting is one of the hardest things to do as a fighter but it is their job as fighters to make that weight. He recounted an experience with Drew Fickett and Karo Parisyan in Brazil. “Drew was having a hard time cutting weight and Karo told him, ‘come on man it’s your job how many times have you done this?’, “and that stuck with me.” Anthony told us. Anthony has understandable expectations of his brothers in the fight game when it comes to holding up their end when it comes to making weight.


We ask Anthony what he hopes to accomplish for the remainder of the year and Anthony gave us insight of what is on his wish list for 2012. Birchak told us that first of all he would like to fight John Moraga for the title in Coalition of Combat since there is some bad blood between the fighters. His main goal though is to make it to the UFC or Bellator by the end of the year because he joked he doesn’t want the world to end in 2012 and him being in the afterlife kicking himself for not having a chance at the big show.


As we kept talking about goals Anthony said his is ready to take the next step and if Bellator came knocking again he would jump on the opportunity. He said he is very content with his life at home and professionally.  Also, he said that he would be open to fight abroad and he would love a chance to fight for Dream or ONE FC.


It was a great pleasure to have had the opportunity to talk to such a great athlete like Anthony Birchak. Make sure to follow him on twitter @abirchakmma and on Facebook .


Anthony wanted to give thanks to his girlfriend and manager Mercedes White and a big shout out to all his sponsors: Jaco Clothing, Confrontational Clothing, Gamma Labs, Contract Killer Clothing, Kimpel & Gonzalez Public Adjusters, Oren Hodak from KO reps, Primate Clothing and Productions,  and to Louie Salazar at Mastadon Mouthguards.


Make sure to show your support for Anthony Birchak for his fight on April 28, in Vermont. Also, Watch Anthony fight in what can be the best MMA bout in AZ history when he takes on Roman Salazar on June 2nd which will be available on internet PPV.

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