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Hurtsbad Knockout Robin Decker: Get To Know Her A Little Bit Better

Listen up all you mouth breathers and knuckle draggers! You now have the distinct privilege of becoming better acquainted with one of the classiest, most jaw dropping, unrivaled women you may ever have the pleasure of laying your unworthy eyes upon.

It is Hurtsbad MMA’s absolute honor to introduce our number one Knockout, Robin Decker.

Robin has been an integral supporter of from the very beginning. She is one of our most consistent contributors and her participation here has been priceless, not unlike her stunning looks.

While her looks may be the first thing you notice. And to be honest probably the second and third thing too. Robin knows she has striking features, but she works hard at everything she does.

Along with being a mother Robin balances a strict and regimented schedule that involves fitness training, modeling, television appearances, and even some kickboxing training under the legendary Mike Winklejohn.

Robin is a connoisseur of sorts in the kitchen. When asked what her specialties were she had this to say.

“I have been cooking for friends & family since I was 8 years old. I love Thai food & New Mexican food, French Cuisine, as well as sushi. Making the first two is a breeze. The rest are better left to the professionals.”

Robin added, “My specialty, healthful twists on favorites, making them taste like gourmet food. I’m not kidding. One of my favorites, peanut butter chocolate chunk brownies (reduced sugar). Another favorite, Lower-fat, lower-carb Thai beef curry.”

Don't forget snack time. “And, Lox Roll-up, I can take fat-free cream cheese & spice it so it tastes like it is soooo bad for you! Then roll it up with some cucumber slivers, capers & fresh (raw) salmon. You’ think you just died & went to Heaven.”

Lord have mercy. Oh and the food sounds good too.

Always looking to broaden her horizons Robin looks to capitalise on her culinary talents. “I am currently working on a couple of books, one of them is a cookbook, full of my dishes I have come up with over the years. Do you think people will buy it if I am on the cover?”

Oh there might be a chance.

Robin gave her dimensions so you perfectionists out there can do your math. It adds up, there is no doubt about it.

35-25-35 inches
Muscular, not bulky or masculine. Lean, but still got a little junk in the trunk- I worked hard for that junk!

And bless her heart for doing so.

Robin is a fan of MMA and is very close to the sport through her fitness training. When asked what about MMA appeals to her she had this to tell Hurtsbad. “What’s not to love? I’m not squeamish. The fact that all the very best in fighters come together in one place is amazing. For the most part, these guys show the most sportsmanship you will ever see in any sport ever.”

Robin went on to say, “Watch how they treat one another before and after their fights, even with the trash-talking, and the face-off at weigh-ins, you can clearly see that they are just doing what they love & most of them treat each other with respect. The trash-talking is all just part of the game. Spectators get to see the sport’s very best, all of the martial arts training comes crashing together and all the questions about who's martial art is better, stronger, faster gets answered in a few short minutes. That is, until next time.”

As mentioned before Robin has quite a few irons in the fire so to speak. Her schedule is rapid fire and she tackles it head on. Here are just of the latest developments in her busy career.

“I recently shot for the cover of and interview in Advanced Healing Magazine, set to be released this summer. I just got back from San Diego, where I filmed for an NBC TV show targeted at young adults concerning health & fitness. I am appearing as the fitness expert, and am a repeat guest. The name of the show "Ingreenspirational 7" named by the daughter of the producer. How cute.”

“I also will be appearing in the Route 66 Calendar here in New Mexico, where I entered a contest, did not win, but was contacted by the Casino directly to appear in the upcoming calendar.”

“I have officially launched my business Hot Bodz by Robin and website and am aiming for a very successful 2011.”

“I am currently working on a healthy living style book, designed after my principles (those with which my clients have had great success).”

“I am featured in a local art gallery (my back tat print is selling for several hundred bucks), and have sponsors knocking at my door, as well as several promo shoots coming up in the next couple of weeks.”

That tat is truly a masterpiece and anyone who says otherwise is going to get a call from the Hurricane to straighten them out.

All that and a bag of chips people, the facts are undeniable. One of the hardest working mothers you will ever meet, if you're ever lucky enough to meet her that is. For now you're at the mercy of and we will ration out information on our Knockout Robin Decker as we see fit. Understood?

Actually, to be honest we kid, we don't have an ounce of control. It is our absolute pleasure and honor to call Robin Decker our very own Hurtsbad Knockout. And we are always at her service, not the other way around.

You can learn more about Robin and her countless efforts, and yes probably another picture or two at the following websites she shared with us.

Please visit my website
Please ask me about monavie
Please add me on FaceBook
Please visit my PGP Portfolio
Please see me in Absent

Please look for me on the cover of Advanced Healing (Kinesio Taping Magazine), Fall of 2010

AND Please watch me on The InGREENspirational 7 on NBC premiering in September 2010

And of course her profile right here at Ask her how to get a copy of her upcoming Calendar.

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Robin Decker-Model Comment by Robin Decker-Model on September 4, 2010 at 9:18pm
Thank YOU for this! I love you guys. :D

I have one correction for you. I am not in the Rt66 Calendar. They asked me to be in the contest, which I was... Those boys & girls judging the show were not smart enough to put me on a podium. They gave it to all the "squishies" LOL

The Calendar is my very own. I AM THE ONLY GIRL IN IT, & THESE IMAGES ARE SMOKIN HOT.!!!

Each Calendar is $25.00 including shipping.
Message me on Facebook (preferably), or here on HurstBad if you want one!
The Hurricane Comment by The Hurricane on September 3, 2010 at 8:49am
Ahhhhhh the stuff that dreams are made of............ wow!
Wayne L. Brannon Comment by Wayne L. Brannon on September 2, 2010 at 7:12pm
Whoa! Catch me, I think I'm gonna faint!

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