Todd Jackson

Hurtsbad Knockouts: MMA Candy Presents The Gorgeous Miss Amber, Thank You MMA Candy

OMG..........OMG.........O......M......G......uhhhh. Ummmmm just do us all a favor and pay respect to the intoxicating Miss Amber and MMA Candy for sharing this pic. Hurtsbad's very own James Ryan hooked up the connection to MMA Candy. Let's show our appreciation and check out the many lovely ladies they have at MMA Candy. And just for the record fella, she's not smiling at you....she's smiling at me. The diamond studded brass knuckles are for you if you dont recognize. So watch out!

Tags: cage, cagegirl, fighting, fine., girl, gorgeous, mma, ring, ringgirl, swimsuit


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Wayne L. Brannon Comment by Wayne L. Brannon 1 day ago
DAMN!! That's a hit I'm willing to take!

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