If Alistair Overeem Is Out Frank Mir Should Get The Title Shot He Already Earned

Written by Hurtsbad Senior Analyst Todd Jackson 


Listen, when you're right you're right. Hindsight is 20/20 and the odds are not quite so great on foresight. Yet we knew we were right when we wrote it and now it would appear time has done our assessment justice. Frank Mir should have been put first in line to face Junior Dos Santos.


It was not that long ago that the UFC announced that the winner of a bout between behemoth heavyweights Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem would face Junior Dos Santos for his shiny new UFC heavyweight title.


The announcement was made during the same time frame that former UFC heavyweight champion Frank Mir defeated another former champion Antonio Rodrigo Noqueira in devastating highlight reel fashion.


This win would mark Mir's third consecutive win in the division and add another arm to his collection.


On the other hand Lesnar had not even fought since Mir had one the first of those three. Overeem on the other hand had only won twice and neither fight was under the UFC banner. Not only had Brock not fought in over a year before facing Overeem his previous bout was a loss to Cain Velasquez. Overeem had never fought in the UFC heavyweight division.


Yet somehow these two enigmas leapfrogged Frank Mir with regard to who was most worthy to challenge “Cigano” for his heavyweight strap. Once again a man who had not won a fight or even fought in over a year and a man who had never set foot inside the Octagon were passing a man who had won three consecutive fights with two by stoppage, in the very division the other two were fighting to become number one contender for.


As time would have it, Overeem outclassed and punished Lesnar not only to become that contender, but to retire a man who supposedly was potentially in line to challenge for that title.


All the while Mir quietly and patiently waited to hear what was next for him to once again prove why he is a top heavyweight in the division. As fate would have it, perhaps his time may yet come, and without having to risk the run he has currently put together in impressive fashion.


The big surprise of the day, if it actually comes as a surprise, is Overeem has tested positive for inexplicably high levels of testosterone during an unscheduled pre-fight urinalysis. This means he failed the test and now not only is his title opportunity hanging in the balance but he has proved many a conspiracy theorist correct in adding a strong exclamation point behind an even bigger question mark with regard to his MMA legacy and ascent.


It truly is hard to believe that a man who once lost to Chuck Liddell or Mauricio Shogun Rua could destroy Brock Lesnar so decisively...right?


Regardless of Overeem’s indiscretions or accusations of such, the fact remains that Mir was a more appropriate contender to Dos Santos' throne then and he is now still the most deserving contender.


Whether he can or would beat Dos Santos is a discussion for another day but facts are facts and here's to hoping that Mir gets the shot he already earned, even if it did not come about as it probably should have.

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