David Tice

Grappling MMA seminar in Chanute, Kansas

My name is David Tice. This past Sat. June 26th 2010 I did a grappling/MMA seminar

in Chanute, Kansas. Kerry Henson and Jake H. help put on the seminar. This is the

4th grappling seminar I have done in Chanute, Kansas. (I'm a black belt with a Gene Le Bell/Gokor black belt so I like leglocks a lot. Have trained with most of the greats in California where I've lived on my life although I was born in Chanute, Kansas and was my father too.) 

Trying to get and interest going in Chanute

and southeast Kansas for MMA/Grappling.(Have been doing this for years along with Kerry Henson.) I brought in Herb Dean to Chanute years back to do an MMA/Grappling seminar. Herb was a kickboxer before he started grappling with me. Herb had 6 pro MMA fights and was a Mid-West Submission grappling champion. Herb has trained with just about every famous MMA/Grappling star out there. Herb and I traveled to France and Belguim and did seminars there.


Also I brought state champion wrestler/UFC ref Larry Landless to Chanute to do an MMA/Grappling seminar. Larry Landless put on the first ever MMA event in California in which one of his guys Jae Martinez went the distance with Tito Ortiz. This was right before Tito was first in the UFC.


Will continue to do seminars in Chanute. Also will be bringing in more people to do seminars in Chanute.


Contact me at [email protected] for a DVD copy of this past grappling/MMA seminar in Chanute.  Thanks

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Dave Tice is a juijitsu and judo genius. He has a lifetime of knowledge with names such as Gokor, Lebelle, Machado, and many,many more. The seminar was great, we learned so much that your brain would freeze from so much info. Luckily he recorded it and gave everyone DVD copies. It was held at our F-5 MMA gym. He also came in 2 other times and taught to extend the seminar. The price was only $15. $15 for about 8 hours of instruction, dirt cheap for world class instruction. Dave loves Chanute and SEK in general, lucky for us. So he will drive from California periodically throughout the year and have seminars at our gym. So if anyone wants MMA instruction or just wants to learn juijitsu in SEK and Chanute, KS area checkout F-5 MMA.

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