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Hurtsbad Exclusive: Bellator's Ed West Discusses Bantamweight Tournament

Ed West: Will Fight For Food

The roller coaster ride that has been the mixed martial arts career of Ed West is hitting a steep incline this week. West has competed for many various promotions both at the regional level and at the mainstream level.

His career has been overshadowed with circumstances that at times were out of his control and at other times just proved to be more than a young fighter could…


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Hurtsbad Exclusive: Xtreme Couture's Mike Pyle On John Hathaway & UFC 120

(n) quicksand (a treacherous situation that tends to entrap and destroy)

Not often is a nickname for a mixed martial artist as appropriate as it is for UFC welterweight competitor Mike “Quicksand” Pyle. Pyle is a veteran MMA submission ace who has made a living consuming opponents with relentless and inescapable grappling.

Pyle has racked up an impressive record while fighting across the globe and competing with some of the best… Continue

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UFC 118 Frankie Edgar Defeats B.J. Penn Again: Hurricane Winds Of Change

For 17 years MMA has endured immense evolution. It has never met a new day without having improved in some way shape or form on the previous one. Such is the mantra of the fastest growing sport in the world.

With evolution comes relentless and constant change meant to take what once was superior and by default making it inferior through improvement at the most minuscule of levels.

While the future brings with it a sense of… Continue

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UFC 118 Edgar vs. Penn: The Power Of The Fight Compels You

The Fenway faithful are in for quite a treat this Saturday evening. Boston has been transformed into an MMA mecca this week in preparation for UFC 118 Edgar vs. Penn.

With a UFC fan expo under way to both educate and involve fans in the sport of MMA, Boston is getting more than its share of the flavor of mixed martial arts. This is the first ever event held by the UFC in The Bay State.

The expo is just a lead up to a very stacked… Continue

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Hurtsbad Exclusive: Gray Maynard Talks Kenny Florian, James Toney, Randy Couture

The quest of a prize fighter or mixed martial artist ultimately lies in the final goal of attaining a championship, or at the very least a crack at one. The belt becomes the holy grail.

Establishing the legacy necessary to realistically chase a title can become more of a test than actually winning the title fight itself. This quest is where champions are truly made.

One mixed martial artist in particular has established a reputation… Continue

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Strikeforce Phoenix Then Houston, A Powerful One Two Combo

Strikeforce MMA has left a strong impression over the span of little more than one week during the dog days of summer. With a combination of two very entertaining events Strikeforce has seen interest in their brand escalate dramatically.

There are many reasons as to why that it is the case. Most good, some not so much. Not all of this past week’s events were high points, but many were notable. was cage side for both the… Continue

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Hurtsbad Exclusive: UFC MW Aaron Simpson Discusses Dangerous Staph Infection

The struggles of an athlete competing in mixed martial arts are many. The range of trying concerns can include anything from being able to afford reputable training, fighter’s health care, agent representation, the list goes on and on.

As a traditional sport athlete, the pitfalls may be many, but there are more than enough safety nets to support ailing athletes. Such is not the case for athletes that compete in MMA.

If a ball… Continue

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Chad Griggs Talks Strikeforce and His Upcoming Bout With Bobby Lashley

In the business of MMA the superstars are many. The recognizable faces to the casual fan are a mosaic of power, athleticism, pride, and entertainment.

Another aspect to the business of MMA is that in the eyes of the hardcore more knowledgeable fans, they know a name, a popular face, those aspects will only carry a fighter so far.

Guys like Frankie Edgar and Matt Serra can explain it to those who don't understand.

Two… Continue

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Hurtsbad Exclusive: World Champ Dominick Cruz Talks Benavidez And Influences

On Wednesday August 18th, WEC Bantamweight Champion Dominick Cruz will enter the cage to defend his title in a rematch with an opponent that very well may have given Cruz the fight of his life.

Joseph Benavidez, an Alpha Male trained protege under Uriah Faber will take his second run at a man who holds the only victory over him in his impressive MMA career.

Cruz and Benavidez gave fight fans one of the greatest fights they will ever… Continue

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WEC Champion Dominick Cruz: Hometown Hero, Tucson Built, San Diego Made

Long before Dominick Cruz stepped into a cage with Brian Bowles to challenge for the WEC Bantamweight Championship, long before he found his way to the WEC at all, he was just another young kid from Tucson looking to make his dreams into reality.

Over the years he took the necessary steps to make those dreams come true and in doing so he became a hometown hero for many fight fans, and aspiring mixed martial artists cutting their teeth in…


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Strikeforce Challengers: Meisha Tate Steals The Show, But Many Shine Bright

It was a typical sweltering afternoon in downtown Phoenix Arizona yesterday. For fight fans though, they found refuge from the blistering heat when they entered the Dodge Theater and took their places under conditioned air and waited for an explosive night of fights to take place.

It was the latest installment of the Strikeforce Challengers event that brought them ranking and filing into the this classy venue found in the capital of… Continue

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Strikeforce Challengers Raising The Bar For Arizona Mixed Martial Arts

MMA has always had deep roots in the Arizona desert. AZ has long been a part of the fabric of this great sport. As the sport evolved from its earliest days, The Grand Canyon State has continually contributed many assets to MMA.

Various competitors, coaches, managers, a living legend, and even a few world champions have been produced.

It started back in the days of living legend Don Frye as he pounded his way through UFC tournaments… Continue

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Chael Sonnen: Win Or Lose His True Colors Are Championship Gold

Chael Sonnen, you are truly a man amongst men.

Sure you run your mouth rampant with the absolute best of them, so good in fact that Joe Rogan deemed you the world champion of trash talk.

Sure it seemed to more than a few people that your mouth was writing checks your ass couldn't cash.

Sure you might have rubbed a few people the wrong way.

All of that said sir, every individual considering themselves a fan of… Continue

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The UFC's Gray Maynard And Strikeforce's Joel Champion To Appear On Hurtsbad Radio’s radio show, The Truth Hurts with Todd Jackson, is proud to announce special guest Gray “The Bully” Maynard for their August 5th show, starting at 8pm pacific time.

Gray is an elite UFC LW standout and one win away from becoming the number one contender to the UFC LW strap.

Standing in his way is another equally elite UFC LW Kenny “Ken Flo” Florian. Florian is looking to fight his way back to his third shot at UFC… Continue

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All Hail The Champs!


In my last Blog I introduced all of you to my friends, Dean Batara (now a member of Hurtsbad) and his amazing kids, Kyra and Dominic Batara. I was in the middle of a training session when the news came in and it was FANTASTIC!



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Xtreme Couture vs Team Quest: An Epic Showdown Between Legendary Camps

When the mixed martial arts fan of the future kicks back on any given night to enjoy some good old fashioned MMA competition, they may not realize how the foundation of the sport they enjoy was created.

The fans of tomorrow may not know that MMA has long been in a process of evolution and change. The evolution and change is very much driven by the legends of today’s sport of MMA.

When a football fan looks back on the history of the… Continue

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28 Lightweights To Vie For A Six-Figure Contract With The UFC®

Premieres Wednesday, September 15 At 10:00 PM ET/PT On Spike TV

New York, NY, August 3, 2010 – The 12th season of Spike TV’s popular original series, “The Ultimate Fighter,” will feature 28 of the best up-and-coming mixed martial artists in the lightweight division (155 lbs) competing for a six-figure contract with the preeminent mixed martial organization in the…


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AZ Fighter Seth Baczynski Talks The UFC, Strikeforce, Training, And Family

The Arizona desert has produced more than a few quality mixed martial artists. Spanning back to the days of Don Frye pioneering the sport in the earliest of UFC tournaments. Desert fighters have always been in the mix.

There are names like Drew Fickett, George Roop, Ben Henderson, Efrain Escudero, Ryan Bader, C.B. Dolloway, you get the picture. The future holds names like Askren, Vorel, and Steffans.

Another AZ fighter that has… Continue

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