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Coach's Corner - Commitment: Have It and Keep it!

COMMITMENT, Do you know what it means? Do you have it? When you make a commitment, do you keep it? Can you set a goal and keep it with no excuses? This post is aimed at everyone. Fighters, Coaches, Trainers, Managers, and Promoters. EVERYONE.

When you commit yourself to being a fighter, know going in what that means. It means you will push yourself beyond your limitations. It means buckets of pain, discomfort, and sweat. It means always pushing yourself to the next level in…


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All Hail The Champs!


In my last Blog I introduced all of you to my friends, Dean Batara (now a member of Hurtsbad) and his amazing kids, Kyra and Dominic Batara. I was in the middle of a training session when the news came in and it was FANTASTIC!



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Coach's Corner - The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades!

Hello Hurtsbad Members. A wise philosopher once stated: "I don't know what tomorrow holds, but I know who holds tomorrow." He was, of course, speaking of the generations that follow us. In the case of MMA, BJJ, and Submission Grappling, I have had a rare glimpse of the future, and it's very bright indeed.

In November of 2008 I took a student of mine, Devin Abdon (then 17 years old), to a tournament called The Revolution. It was his first competition, and he took 3rd place. While we…


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The Revolution BJJ and Submission Grappling Tournament

The Pacific Northwest has had a long history of laying the foundations of Martial Arts in America. From the 1800's when Seattle was one of the two main ports of entry into the U.S from Asia (the other being San Fransisco), to being one of the centers in the development of modern MMA, this area continues to be a hotspot for Martial Arts training and competition. And at the forefront of Northwest competition is a test of…


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Coach's Corner - ARE YOU SERIOUS? (or How Bad Do You Want It?)

"I want to compete." - "I want to be a fighter." - " I want to fight in the UFC." - "Can you get me a fight?"

This is a mantra I've heard many times over the last 3 decades as an instructor and trainer, and even more often in the last 15 years. To which, my standard replies have become, "Are you serious?" or "How bad do you want it?" Let's face reality and facts. While most guys like to believe they're tough and that they truly are the "Alpha Male" (scientifically speaking, it…


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In Memorium - Yoshito "Vince" Tamura - 07/25/1929 to 4/20/2010 - A Judo Life

On Tuesday, April 20th, I recieved an email from my Aikido Instructor, Sensei Fujiko Tamura Gardner, informing me of the passing of her brother Yoshito "Vince" Tamura (9th Dan - Judo). In honor of his memory and legacy, I write this Memorial.

Yoshito Tamura was born on July 25th,1929, in Fife,Washington, which at that time was a small farm community. He was the 9th of 11…


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Coach's Corner

I'M BAAACK!!! Hi again HurtsBad Members! Sorry it took so long to get back to you but my family and I moved to a new house. As I promised, this blog is for coaches, trainers, fighters, and anyone who wants to learn how to kick more efficiently and effectively. As always, the opinions and observations I express have evolved from 40 years of martial arts training, practice, and observation, and are my own.

To achieve maximum results in kicking (as well as striking and throwing, which…


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Coach's Corner

Hello again HurtsBad members. Pay attention to this Blog! Insist all members of HurtsBad read this one. Copy it and give it to your Coaches, Instructors, and Fellow Fighters because this is important to everyone.As I told you in my first Blog the other day, I just underwent recertification for my First Aid, CPR, AED, and Blood Borne Pathogen Card. A subject came up during discussion of Blood Borne Pathogens that should be of great interest to everybody.
Blood Borne Pathogens are just what… Continue

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Coach's Corner

Hello HurtsBad Members! Having just joined your group, I've decided to try to post a Blog on a (hopefully) regular basis to help anyone interested train and perform better, and if you decide to one day open a gym (or Dojo if you are a Traditional Martial Artist), some tips to get you going. Just remember that the opinions are my own, take it or leave it. Or as my Grandfather used to say, " Try to remember, opinions are like body orifices. Everyones got them and most of the time they stink." So… Continue

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